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Winner: Coffee pot

A few people have asked us why the winner for "My favorite piece of furniture" has not yet been published. Unfortunately, we haven’t had a reply yet from our winner, "PippiLotta".
It would of course be brilliant if “PippiLotta” becomes aware of her victory as a result of this notice.

Current contest

Currently there is no active contest. We are working hard to get a new contest started. Be patient for a little longer. We are looking forward to seeing your new submissions soon.

Closer-to-life is a documentary project, trying to raise awareness for ordinary everyday things. This site narrows it down: Every month we set a theme, for which we will accept your submissions. With every picture the portrait we draw of our society is further refined.

  • Contest winner: Stefan Kranemann, 28.06.12

    The way the boat was lying in the harbor in the light of the setting sun made it look simply beautiful. I just had to take a picture to record this image …

  • Contest winner: Helga Duwendag-Strecker, 14.03.12

    My winning photo was taken for a photo book, more specifically a cookbook. I created a vegan cookbook for a family member. I cooked the dishes myself, presented them with the right decor and then photographed them. Table decor is always important for me, not just for a photo ...

  • Contest winner: Anna-Lena, 04.12.11

    The idea of taking an extreme close-up arose during the shoot. After several attempts at drawing attention to the glass, I decided instead to photograph this ice cube, mainly because I’d never really worked with macro photography myself before ...

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